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How Fraxel Laser can Resurface your Skin

Fraxel laser is fractional laser treatment technology that is used to solve mild to moderate skin deformities. Due to its moderate penetration capabilities, it is suitable for patients under the age of 50 years. It is applied for cosmetic purposes after a medical procedure that left scar or general improvement of the skins appearance. Its resurfaces skins that; needs tone improvement, that has moderate acne scarring and scars, sun burns, and fine wrinkles. Fraxel laser can resurface the skin of both men and women.

How to start the Fraxel laser resurfacing.

Everything you need to know about fraxel laser treatment: The process starts by the patients desire to resurface their skin. It is aimed to improve the conditions listed above. After having a rough idea of desired results, visit a doctor where the service is offered. The doctor discusses with the patient to check for its suitability and explains how the Fraxel laser will resurface your skin. It is only applied if the presented situation will be solved by its capabilities and the patient is medically fit to undergo the process. It is not applied to pregnant and breast feeding mothers.


The actual process of Fraxel laser resurfacing.

The New York Times advises that actual resurfacing procedure requires preparation two weeks in advance. Exposure to sun should be avoided two weeks before resurfacing. The doctor lists the kind of treatment that should be stopped before resurfacing. It is aimed at enhancing the results and minimizing side effects. Caffeine should be avoided four hours before resurfacing. Early preparation, the process runs smoothly and the optimum results are attained. The patient should always remember to take a day off on the day of treatment because it won’t allow them to attend to work until the next day.

The doctor cleanses the skin using a special solution. The area is then covered by an aesthetic cream. Frexel laser skin resurfacing uses a 2940 nm Er YAG laser. It delivers the laser to a fraction of the total area. Hundreds or thousands of pinpoint laser radiations per unit area are shot at the skin leaving other areas of healthy skins between them. The unaffected skin allows quick recovery and lessens risks of side effects. 15% to 20% of the exposed surface recovers from the damaged cells. Replacement of the damaged skin cells is accelerated by the radiation which heats the dermis and fibroblast, stimulating formulation of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin accelerates formation of new skin cells that gives the body that desired rejuvenated look.

Fraxel laser peel - Before and after

When will Fraxel laser skin resurfacing results be noticed.

Positive results will be experienced one week after the first exposure. Immediately after Fraxel laser resurfacing the skin feels like a person had had a sun burn. This feeling last for about an hour then disappears. Depending on the skin tone, the skin turns pink to bronze, it last for several days as the healing process continues. Some patients experience swelling that lasts to two to three days after the treatment. It is important to avoid exposure to sun and observe all the care procedure prescribes by the doctor. They are simple steps to follow and include; icing the surface after every one hour, avoiding rubbing the skin, sleeping with a raised head for the first two days after Fraxel laser resurfacing and avoiding direct sunlight for about four weeks after usage.

Fraxel laser resurfacing takes effect in stages the doctor advises the number of exposures required to achieve the desirable results. Three to eight weeks after an exposure, there is usually fully recovered. After this period the patient can take another resurfacing which will require the same preparations and care. Three exposures can adequately resurface the skin though other conditions take up to eight cycles.

Do not worry because, your skin is being resurfaced.

Through the healing process, the pink to bronze appearance of the skin slowly fades away in about two weeks. The skin then flakes. This vigorous exfoliation allows the shading off of dead cell as the new ones are formed. Brisbane’s laser skin therapy clinic advises patients to use a moisturizer to protect the skin from dry feeling and making the exfoliations noticeable. With a moisturizer, they can be hardly noticed even at a closer view. A sun screen cream should be sufficient to offer the skin the required protection from direct sunlight. Complementation with wide huts or umbrella when under direct sunlight can be exercised too.

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Different ways that the Fraxel Laser can enhance the beauty of your skin

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser

Maintaining a healthy and smooth skin is very important. The skin is the largest organ of the body that does a protective function. Apart from the basic protection, the skin offers artistic functions. You will look really beautiful with a skin that is soft and smooth contrary to a skin with several dots, is damaged or dry. This is why it is necessary to take care of your skin through removing dark spots and any wrinkles. In the world of skin beauty, Fraxel laser is one of the newest laser skin treatments. For anyone that would like to treat their skin, look younger and get rid of dreary acne scars, the Fraxel laser should be the thing to consider. But what can the Fraxel laser be used for? Here are different ways, this newest laser treatments can be used to treat your skin.

Get rid of any skin imperfections and flaws

The Fraxel laser treatment is used mainly to better the skin imperfections and flaws. Skin imperfections could include wrinkles and fine lines within the face. This treatment is great to reduce any sagging or loose features of the skin. Without any imperfection, the overall look of the skin texture and tone is improved. This immensely modifies one appearance.

Skin peel and skin exfoliation

Fraxel laser can also be used to remove dead skin, dead wrinkles and fine lines through skin peel. Once the surface of the skin is dead, wrinkles form and the skin loses its initial beauty. This laser treatment serves as a way to remove the dead skin. After the treatment, you will see a bright new shiny skin at your surface’s face. The skin will form new cells daily. The deep skin peel with the laser treatment is a great way to stimulate production of new facial cells. The treatment also enhances growth of new cells within the deeper dermal layers of the skin.

Stretch mark removal

Stretch marks are imperfections of the skin caused by the rapid stretching of the skin when not given enough time to reach adequate elasticity. For instance a sudden gain in weight like that during pregnancy could produce massive stretch marks. The skin takes on streaks of purple, red or white that is obviously unattractive. One way to remove these stretch marks is through the Fraxel laser treatment.

With minimal after-care treatment and a skin laser specialist in the Melbourne area, the laser treatment removes stretch marks by encouraging the skin to produce its own collagen. When collagen is stimulated, it acts to replace the previous skin. Collagen contains a lot of proteins and occurs naturally in your body to repair the damaged skin. This laser type of collagen to remove stretch marks simply gives the skin a boost of collagen. It gives you a whole new and beautiful skin.

Remove sun spots


Sun spots are usually dark pigmented spots known in the medical field as solar lentigines. These spots come up due to prolonged exposure to the sun or aging. While some people are more susceptible to sun spots, others may not have these spots. Genetic, ethnicity and type skin also leads to these spots. The Fraxel laser treatment is a way to remove these spots.

When you undergo a Fraxel laser treatment, the laser pinpoints on these spots and slightly peel them off. Once put out, the skin is encouraged to produce its own elastin and collagen. The slight damaged caused during the laser exposure encourages the skin to produce a lot more skin growth chemicals. After this production, the skin gets more hydrated, youthful and fresh-looking. The sun spots that were initially present on the layer of your epidermis will be replaced with a new growth of skin.


Typically, the Fraxel laser can resurface up to 20% of the skin surface each time one has a treatment. This essentially means that your skin could need about five or more treatments so as to undergo a fully positive outcome. Sometimes lesser or more treatments could be required; this depends on your skin characteristics, the extent of damage, the elasticity, tone of your skin and other factors such as your skins capability to heal.


Laser treatments will be good for the skin in many ways including acne damage skin repair. The Fraxel laser treatments and any other treatments can be used to enhance the beauty of your skin; you will remove wrinkles, blood vessels, brown spots and could also tighten your skin. The popularity with laser treatments grows each day. Consult your physician and use this treatment to create a better skin.

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Skin Rejuvenation Benefits Of The Fraxel Laser

Skin damages come in various forms including large pores, scarring, darkening, redness, acne attack or marks left after accidents such as burns and deep cuts. These imperfections can also be caused by natural aging. The truth is that no one likes to have a skin with many imperfections. There are many solutions to skin marks and most of them involve cosmetic procedures. Fraxel laser is one of the new ways of recovering you initial tight, smooth and young skin without any invasive process. Many speculations and critics have been given on this procedure and the main question still remains; what are the benefits of the Fraxel laser? Before knowing the actual benefits, it is important to first learn how the skin functions, and responds. Check out the Bokoz Laser Clinic for more information.

The skin science and Fraxel laser
The skin of kids and youths is often smooth, tight and recovers quickly whenever they are exposed to injuries like burns or cuts. This is due to the high production a protein called collagen. This protein is found in connective tissues and produced in the dermis (skin’s dense inner layer). Collagen is responsible for the regeneration of new skin layers and shedding off the scarred layers. The production of this protein however drops as we age and recovery may take a longer time or leave unpleasant marks. Fraxel laser is a non-invasive process that involves the use of a fractional laser. This process targets the skin’s inner dense layer (dermis) where collagen is produced. The laser attacks 20% of the skin it is exposed to and creates tiny pores in the dermis surface. During this period, the epidermis (outer layer) is not affected and remains the same. When the dermis has required number of pores, it naturally produces more collagen and regenerates new skin while shedding off the scarred outer layer. The procedure does not require any invasion like surgery and can be used to correct various skin imperfections.

Benefits of the Fraxel laser
The Fraxel laser can be used for various conditions including eliminating stretch marks, large pores, dark spots, wrinkles, acne scars, red spots, surgical scars, age spots and sun spots. It can also be used to get rid of pregnancy masks (melasma) periorbital wrinkle (lines around the eyes), precancerous lesions (actinic keratoses) and irregular skin texture. In simple terms, the Fraxel laser is used to trick the skin to naturally regenerate itself thus producing new, tight, smooth layers. There are three different levels of Fraxel laser that target different conditions (from slight lines to severe scars and damages). The three levels include the following;
• Fraxel Refine – This is a gentle superficial fractional laser version that is mostly used for prevention and skin maintenance. It targets fine lines around the eyes area, minor skin damages, hypo and hyper-pigmentation (pigment irregularity), aging spots, uneven skin tones among other slight impressions. This level is characterized by mild discomfort and minimal downtime. It requires 4-6 treatment sessions.

• Fraxel Restore – This level targets skin damages that range from mild to severe. It is suitable for eliminating eye wrinkles, age spots, after-accident and post-surgery scars, dark pigmentation (melasma), acne scars and actinic keratoses. Actinic keratoses refer to the dry, scaly and rough textured patches that are caused when your skin suffers UV exposure. The level exhibits 2-4 days of downtime, mild to moderate discomfort and requires 3-5 treatment sessions.

• Fraxel Repair – This level is sometimes referred to as a facelift preemptive. It targets the severest of skin damages like deep frown wrinkles, old skin, deep scars, severe acne attacks and sun-influenced redness. This level is accomplished in a single treatment session and exhibits moderate to significant discomfort. It also involves about a week of downtime and 2-4 days to care for the wounds.

Fraxel Repair - Before and After

Fraxel Repair – Before and After

Science Direct indicate that Fraxel laser is one of the two fractional lasers available for skin correction. The other is carbon dioxide laser that is suitable for older patients while the Fraxel aims younger patients (below 50 years). This process does not affect your epidermis and causes skin rejuvenation that ensures you look younger, smoother and even.

The main advantage is that Fraxel lasers affect only a small percentage of exposed skin (20%) and induces a natural regeneration process. It is also non-invasive, non-ablative and requires only a short time (less than a week) to heal. It is important to check with an expert plastic surgeon at a skin clinic in Sydney to verify whether you are a right candidate for this procedure and which level best suits your requirement.

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